Siargao Restaurants

Whether you’re craving a cheap after surf meal, a dinner date for two or a smoothie bowl to kick start your day, Siargao restaurants and cafes are seemingly endless. Restaurants line the main road from General Luna to Cloud 9 and it can be a little overwhelming if you’ve got no idea. If you’re wondering where to eat in Siargao, we’ve got you covered with our top picks, tried and tested ourselves.


Where to eat Siargao
The Surch – 10 best Siargao Restaurants

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The Surch is as delicious as it is Instagrammable. Sitting pretty in pink right in front of the entrance to Cloud 9, it’s the perfect spot if you want to fuel up before a surf, or take a few snaps for IG. They have everything from smoothie bowls to home made wraps, burgers to mango chicken curry. We came back several times because it was easily Zowie’s favourite. Vegans, fear not. There are a bunch of plant based options for you! Our secret tip: their special white sauce that comes on the crispy burger is perfect for dipping your fries. Ask for some on the side!


Where to Eat Siargao
Kermit – 10 best Siargao Restaurants

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It’s almost impossible to visit Siargao and not hear about Kermit. Ask a local, ask a tourist, or google ‘where to eat in Siargao’ and Kermit will be one of the top recommendations, and with good reason. It’s a resort, bar and Italian restaurant all in one, so it’s always busy and you’ll probably have to wait up to 30 minutes to be seated in the restaurant area. If you’re just getting a pizza, which we highly recommend since it’s traditional Italian brick oven style, then you can order this from the bar. As creatures of habit, we’ve only ever gotten pizzas because they’re just too good to look past.


Where to eat Siargao
Shaka Cafe – 10 best Siargao Restaurants

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Shaka goes by the simple slogan ‘The Healthy Alternative’ so if you’re in the mood for smoothie bowls and bloody good coffee, look no further. All the fruit is sourced locally on the island and their granola is home made and vegan! But you don’t have to be a health nut to enjoy Shaka, it also just takes really good. With it’s prime location beachside by Cloud 9, Shaka is one of the most iconic places to eat in Siargao and is a must visit while you’re on the island.


Spotted Pig – 10 best Siargao Restaurants

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If you’re wondering where to eat in Siargao while you get some work done, you can’t look past Spotted Pig. They serve up some tasty almond cream crêpes and a bunch of savoury brunch options, like poached eggs on a bed of spinach and truffle. We also discovered it has the fastest WiFi on the island (in our opinion!) which is a big deal for digital nomads in a place like Siargao where WiFi is usually patchy at best. For this reason, you’ll find it’s always packed on rainy days when travellers are forced to stay in and bust open their laptops.


Where to eat Siargao
Dawis Rataurant – 10 best Siargao Restaurants

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There are two Dawis Restaurants, one in General Luna and one right next to the sea of coconuts, which is the one we went to. They’re under the same ownership, just two locations! You’re guaranteed bang for your buck here, with pretty decent portions for even better prices. The fries were hand cut, the schnitzel perfectly cooked, and the mango curry was a strong contender for first place in Carson’s books.


Best Food Siargao
Lokal – 10 best Siargao Restaurants

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At the northern tip of the island is a little town called Burgos, which is practically deserted in comparison to General Luna. If you’re up here for the day, you have to check out Lokal. Not only is the food delicious, but the entire concept of the brand focuses on supporting locals and paving the way for a sustainable future on Siargao. Who doesn’t enjoy guilt free, homemade wraps and coconut infused iced coffee? It has our vote!


Best Food Siargao
Calpyso Surf & Dive – 10 best Siargao Restaurants

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If you’re up at Pacifico and looking for a hearty meal after surfing the island’s biggest waves, Calpyso Surf & Dive serves up some epic burgers. For $6 USD you’ll get a jam packed beef burger with all the trimmings and a generous side of hand cut fries. We went with a group of 6 and we all got the same burger (peer pressure!) and it got a thumbs up from all of us!


Where to eat Siargao
Homemade Taste – 10 best Siargao Restaurants

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Expect filipino classics and foreign flavours made from the heart at Homemade Taste. The venue is small and cosy, with the seating area on the second floor overlooking the organised chaos of the main road. We tried a bunch of things on the menu including a share plate that could easily fill four stomachs, with adobo, shrimp, pancit, you name it. We also got a side of their famous veggie mango curry. Carson’s making a point of trying the mango curry at every restaurant we visit. This one did not disappoint!


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This might not be a restaurant, but nothing is more iconic to Siargao than pan de coco or coconut bread. You’ll find them being cooked roadside in the early afternoon, just keep an eye out for the smoke and you’ll find them! Our regular stall and the most popular on the island is the one by the yellow Catholic church in General Luna main town. They’re only 5 pesos each so you can stock up, but they’re best when they’re piping hot so we recommend daily visits instead of storing them.


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What she lacks in looks, she makes up for in damn good barbecue. Mama’s Grill is somewhat of a legend on the island. If you’re not sure where to eat in Siargao, Mama’s is always a good idea. It’s affordable, delicious and a chill spot to meet other people since it’s always packed. As the sign at their counter implies, don’t come to Mama’s if you’re looking for fast food. There’s usually a bit of a wait time, but that’s because everybody wants a bit of Mama’s!

Now that you know where to eat in Siargao, the hardest part is choosing which place to visit first. If you end up trying some (or all) of our recommendations, drop a comment and let us know what you think!


10 Best Restaurants Siargao Philippines Travel Guide


There’s no shortage of places to stay in Siargao, from the fanciest of 5 star resorts to some seriously sketchy hostels. General Luna is where all the action is at and where you’ll find the majority of accommodation, but no matter where you end up in Siargao, you’re bound to find somewhere to lay your head. Check out our top picks for budget, mid-scale and luxury accommodation in Siargao.

LUXURY: Nay Palad Hideaway

Nay Palad isn’t just one of the best resorts in Siargao, it’s up there as one of the best resorts in Asia. With such a coveted title comes a hefty nightly rate, but everything is included. From your exclusive luxe bungalow to dinner and drinks in the tree house, island hopping on their private speed boat to day trips around the island. Zowie is crying at the time of writing this because she wants to stay here so badly.

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Nay Palad Hideaway Siargao
Image by Nay Palad

MID-SCALE: Tropical Temple Siargao

Tropical Temple Siargao is a native style, mid-scale hotel in the heart of General Luna. Lush gardens, comfortable accommodation and an outdoor pool, Tropical Temple is a sweet place to stay if you’re looking for something a bit fancier than a hostel without breaking the bank.

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Tropical Temple Siargao
Image by Tropical Temple

BUDGET: Hiraya Surf Hostel

If you’re a solo backpacker looking for a cheap hostel near Cloud 9, Hiraya Surf Hostel is your best bet. This dormitory only hostel is all about good vibes, boasting a swimming pool, aircon dorms and hot and cold showers. There’s a few requirements to meet though – no groups larger than 3 people, must be aged between 18 – 35 and minimum 3 night stay.

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Hiraya Surf Hostel Siargao
Image by Hiraya Surf Hostel


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