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Siargao Island is seriously beautiful. Coconut trees as far as the eye can see, bright blue water, crashing waves. It’s as if it was made for Instagram. So if you’re looking to up your IG game, then these 10 best Siargao tourist spots that are an absolute must-visit. Grab your camera, bring a friend and go on… do it for the ‘gram.


TALISAY TREE – Siargao Tourist Spots

Secret Bent Palm Tree Siargao
Talisay Tree – 10 best Siargao tourist spots

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Getting there: The google maps pin above will take you as far as the turn off from the main road. In case it’s not exact, just turn at the blue chapel. Follow the unpaved road all the way to the beach and you’ll see the leaning tree to the right of the parking area. FYI, only scooters or very narrow cars can make it through the path/road so if you’re in anything big, you’ll have to leave it on the main road and walk from there.

When to go: For a similar shot to the one we took, you’ll need to go at high tide. Just beyond the sand, the white wash is covering a bed of limestone and dead coral that’s not very pretty on the eyes. We also recommend going in the morning when the sun is in front of the tree illuminating it, otherwise if it’s behind the tree it’ll be silhouetted. Talisay also happens to be at a great surf spot for beginners if the timing is right so bring a board if you’re into that!

Oh one last thing, be careful! This might be one of the most Instagrammable and best Siargao tourist spots, but don’t hurt yourself for the ‘gram. It might not look very high but it’s a different story when you’re up there and one wrong step will send you tumbling onto the limestone if you’re unlucky. Zowie fell off but thankfully she was angled towards the sand for a softer landing.

COCONUT ROAD – Siargao Tourist Spots

Instagrammable Spots Siargao
Coconut Road – 10 best Siargao Island tourist spots

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Getting there: You may think you know coconut road, but this is a different one that we prefer a whole lot more since the widening of the original coconut road. I guess for us, a four lane highway just doesn’t give us the small town island vibes we crave. It’s up to you if you want to stop there, so here’s the location. This coconut road is a lot further so prepare for a long ride and a sore butt if you’re travelling by motorbike. It’s just over an hour from General Luna, a little past Pacifico Beach.

When to go: We went just before sunset. Don’t leave it too late otherwise the sun will fall below the treetops and you’ll miss out on the golden glow of the coconut palms. Despite being the newer discovered coconut road, there were still a lot of people their getting photos.

Drone pilots, beware of air traffic. This comes as no surprise as it is one of the most Instagrammable and best Siargao tourist spots after all. We also highly recommend dousing yourself in insect repellent. Maybe it was just where we parked, or the time of day, but it felt like there were more mosquitos than oxygen. Also, if anyone happens to find a pair of women’s Ripcurl flip flops on the side of the road, you’re welcome.

CORREGIDOR ISLAND – Siargao Tourist Spots

Instagrammable Spots Siargao
Corregidor Island – 10 best Siargao Island tourist spots

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Getting here: To get to Corregidor Island you usually have to include it on an island hopping tour along with Naked, Guyam and Daku islands. The easiest and cheapest way to book a tour is through Klook, with their full day island hopping package starting at around $37 USD including lunch. You can also arrange island hopping with most accommodation providers, so have a look at that as well.


When to go: We’ve been twice, the first time (pictured) during mid-afternoon and the second time just before sunset. Try not to leave it too late in the day to get across to Corregidor because the ride back in the dark isn’t something we recommend! We got some awesome drone shots the second time we went, since the first time Carson forgot his phone and couldn’t fly without it! With its rolling hills, rugged coastline and bent coconut trees, Corregidor isn’t just one of the best Instagrammable Siargao tourist spots, it’s one of the most IG worthy islands just about anywhere.

MAASIN RIVER – Siargao Tourist Spots

Instagrammable Spots Siargao
Maasin River – 10 best Siargao tourist spots


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Getting there: Since the rope swing is one of the most popular attractions on Siargao, all you have to do is punch in the Google maps location above for Maasin Bridge. It’s about 30 minutes from General Luna and a scenic drive that’ll take you past the sea of coconuts view point where you can stop and get some photos on the way.

Price: There’s a 20 peso entrance fee (about $0.40 USD) for the rope swing and a guide to give you a gentle push and to take your photos if you’re alone. You can also hire a wooden canoe for $3 USD an hour which will take you along the river and down to a small lagoon. Some people even just hire the boat for “the shot”. We didn’t, but to each their own!

When to go: It can get seriously crowded from mid-morning to early afternoon, so unless you want to photoshop everyone out of your shot, we recommend arriving as early as you can, or just before closing between 4-5pm. We shot here twice, sunrise and sunset. It’s not open until 8am so no guide means no jumping but if you’re just there to take photos this shouldn’t matter too much. We found morning was best for drone shots of the whole area and afternoon was best for shots on the river, since there were still guides around to help us with the raft and we were blessed with dreamy golden hour.

MALINAO – Siargao Tourist Spots

Instagrammable Spots Siargao
Malinao – 10 best Siargao tourist spots

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Getting here: Malinao is known for its stretch of high end luxury resorts, the most exclusive being Nay Palad. It was well over our budget and booked out for a local celebrity’s bachelorette party, Crazy Rich Asians style. If you’re staying there, this little hut in the ocean is all yours to chill, do yoga, flex on Instagram. But if you’re like us, you can go all the way to the end of the road where they’re developing the new resort. Head along the beach, take a spot on the sand and send the drone up. Even if you can’t get to the hut yourself, Malinao is still one of the most Instagrammable and best Siargao tourist spots.

When to go: What used to be Siargao’s hidden chill spot is now being developed into a resort, so you better visit soon before it blows up. We went twice, a year a part, and the first time there was hardly a soul save for a local family and their piglet. The second time was far more crowded with tourists having discovered the calm waters of Malinao.

SUGBA LAGOON – Tourist Spots In Siargao

Instagrammable Spots Siargao
Sugba Lagoon – 10 best Siargao tourist spots

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Getting here: To get to Sugba Lagoon you first have to drive from General Luna to Del Carmen which is around 45 minutes. From Del Carmen its 20 minutes by boat to Sugba Lagoon. Tours can be booked through Kook for around $20 USD and include stops at two lesser known islands, Kawhagan and Pamomoan.

When to go: Sugba Lagoon has seriously skyrocketed in popularity so our biggest word of advice is try and beat the crowds if you can. But don’t go in expecting it to be a hidden paradise anymore – most photos you see of an empty Sugba are either from years ago (like ours, taken in 2017) or the other tourists have been photoshopped out. This by no means detracts from the beauty of Sugba, as it’s still a stunning place to visit. Don’t forget to send the drone up to see Sugba from the sky – it’s just as picturesque.

SOHOTON COVE – Siargao Tourist Spots

Instagrammable Spots Siargao
Sohoton Cove – 10 best Siargao tourist spots

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Getting here: It takes around 2 hours to get to Sohoton Cove via boat from the Boulevard in General Luna, but it’s well worth the effort. You can book a four-island day trip on Klook that will take you to Sohoton Cove, Daku, Guyam and Naked Islands for around $43 USD including lunch.

When to go: If you book your tour through Klook you’ll have to start early – 6:30am – since it’s a long journey and a jam packed day. You’ll arrive at Sohoton Cove around 9am and spend the morning up until lunch time there. This will give you plenty of time to get all the Instagram worthy photos your heart desires. As with most things in Siargao now, it’s likely to be busy with other tourists but it’s still a stunning place to visit.


Instagrammable Spots Siargao
Surf Board – 10 best Siargao tourist spots

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Getting there: You’re already there! All you need is a board and an ocean, and Siargao has plenty of both. This particular shot was taken at Pacifico in the beginners section but you can go wherever the waves take you.

When to go: Whenever there’s surf! Just ask a local for the tide times and hit up a spot. If you happen to be somewhat of a pro and want some photos to go with your skills, there’s a surplus of surf photographers in Siargao you can pay to take your pics. One of the best and someone we recommend is OliBayer. He’s an instructor and a photographer, so you’re bound to get a good shot. Have a look at his portfolio on Instagram and see for yourself! Note that he didn’t take this shot, since it was Zowie’s first ever time surfing and not worth an entire shoot.

HIDDEN CLIFF – Siargao Tourist Spots

Instagrammable Spots Siargao
Hidden Cliff – 10 best Siargao tourist spots

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Getting there: You’ll find this hidden gem way up north in Santa Monica, an hour and a half from General Luna. It’s right by Danjug Cave Nature Park, so if you punch that into Google maps it’ll take you where you need to go. From Danjug Cave Nature Park walk to the coastline and turn left. Trek through the trees and rocks for around 5 minutes before you pop out onto the cliffs.

When to go: It doesn’t seem like anyone really comes to this secret spot except the occasional daredevil locals wanting to jump into the churning water. We went during low tide, but the shape of the channel sucks the water in powerfully making it splash almost to the very top of the cliffs. We can’t even imagine what it would be like at high tide! It’s a super cool place for unique shots, but we urge you to be careful. The rocks can get slippery and the water is strong.

THE SURCH – Tourist Spots In Siargao Island

Instagrammable Spots Siargao
The Surch – 10 best Siargao tourist spots

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Getting there: You’ll fine The Surch right by the entrance to Cloud 9, you can use our Google pin above or put The Surch into your map. The parking near Cloud 9 is always packed, but you’ll usually find a spot not too far along the road.

When to go: The Surch is a combination of two words – surf and brunch – so naturally the best time to visit is when you’re craving brunch after a surf! The whole place is pretty in pink, so if your Instagram is tailored towards lifestyle or foodie content, you’re in luck. It can get pretty busy, but it’s well worth the wait. Hot tip: get the crispy burger with the special white sauce. Feeling hungry Check out our roundup of the 10 best restaurants in Siargao.

Whatever brings you to Siargao, whether it’s the surf, parties or island vibes, you’re bound to leave with a few banger shots as souvenirs. If you end up visiting some (or all!) of the most Instagrammable and best Siargao tourist spots after seeing them here, don’t forget to tag us! We’d love to stalk you.


10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Siargao Philippines Travel Guide


There’s no shortage of places to stay in Siargao, from the fanciest of 5 star resorts to some seriously sketchy hostels. General Luna is where all the action is at and where you’ll find the majority of accommodation, but no matter where you end up in Siargao, you’re bound to find somewhere to lay your head. Check out our top picks for budget, mid-scale and luxury accommodation in Siargao.

LUXURY: Nay Palad Hideaway

Nay Palad isn’t just one of the best resorts in Siargao, it’s up there as one of the best resorts in Asia. With such a coveted title comes a hefty nightly rate, but everything is included. From your exclusive luxe bungalow to dinner and drinks in the tree house, island hopping on their private speed boat to day trips around the island. Zowie is crying at the time of writing this because she wants to stay here so badly.

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Nay Palad Hideaway Siargao
Image by Nay Palad

MID-SCALE: Tropical Temple Siargao

Tropical Temple Siargao is a native style, mid-scale hotel in the heart of General Luna. Lush gardens, comfortable accommodation and an outdoor pool, Tropical Temple is a sweet place to stay if you’re looking for something a bit fancier than a hostel without breaking the bank.

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Tropical Temple Siargao
Image by Tropical Temple

BUDGET: Hiraya Surf Hostel

If you’re a solo backpacker looking for a cheap hostel near Cloud 9, Hiraya Surf Hostel is your best bet. This dormitory only hostel is all about good vibes, boasting a swimming pool, aircon dorms and hot and cold showers. There’s a few requirements to meet though – no groups larger than 3 people, must be aged between 18 – 35 and minimum 3 night stay.

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Hiraya Surf Hostel Siargao
Image by Hiraya Surf Hostel


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