23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental

When it comes to waterfalls in Negros Oriental, we like to think we know our stuff. We had the privilege of living in Dumaguete for 10 months and during this time we were able to explore a good chunk of Negros Oriental. We visited all the popular waterfalls near Dumaguete within the first couple months, and from then on we started ticking off a new waterfall just about every week, each more remote than the last.

We definitely haven’t seen all the waterfalls in Negros Oriental, but we sure had a good crack and have managed to put together this roundup of the 23 most epic waterfalls in Negros Oriental. We’ve visited waterfalls all over the province, from Valencia and Amlan, all the way up to Bayawan and Mabinay.


Each waterfall in Negros Oriental is different, but generally speaking the adventure essentials you need are the same.

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What to bring to Lubas Falls



We’re gonna kick this list off with an absolute banger and probably our favourite waterfall in Negros Oriental. Pasalan Falls in Amlan is nothing short of incredible. It’s a mission to get to, starting with the motorbike ride from hell followed by an hour long hike upriver, with some necessary rock climbing along the way. But this was all just part of the adventure and only made possible by our friend and guide, Marlon.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Pasalan Falls

Depending on when you go, Pasalan Falls is either a raging monster crashing down from the top of the canyon, or it’s barely a trickle. This all depends on the dam above. We visited on a trickle day, but what was initially disappointing turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Since the water wasn’t churning, the pool at the bottom of the falls was crystal clear, with contrasting vibrant blue water and bright orange rocks. It was a day – and a waterfall – we’ll never forget.

Read the full guide: PASALAN FALLS, AMLAN

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Pasalan Falls


Casaroro Falls was the first waterfall in Negros Oriental we went to. It’s by far the most visited waterfall in Negros Oriental due to its close proximity to Dumaguete City, as well as how accessible it is. The road going to the falls is paved all the way, and the hike – whilst steep – is relatively easy and should only take a total of 30 minutes even at a slow pace.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Casaroro Falls

Standing, or we guess you could say falling, at 100ft, Casaroro Falls is a beast, a very beautiful beast. Ever the ones to avoid tourist traps, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Casaroro Falls has maintained its natural charm despite being so popular. Aside from the established path getting there, the falls themselves have been left untouched. Not a picnic hut in sight! Just how we like it.

Read the full guide: CASARORO FALLS, VALENCIA

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Casaroro Falls


Niludhan Falls in Bayawan is a monster of a waterfall, plummeting off a 130ft cliff face in three powerful streams. It takes around 2 hours to get to Niludhan Falls from Dumaguete, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to visit one of the most impressive waterfalls in Negros Oriental. The drive is also incredibly scenic, through tiny towns and sugarcane fields.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Niludhan Falls

Before driving to the parking area of Niludhan Falls, we recommend stopping by the bridge and experiencing Nilduhan Falls from atop – that is if you’re not afraid of heights. You can then continue to the main entrance and hike the short way to the bottom, where you’ll be greeted by Niludhan Falls in all her glory. It’s a popular spot amongst locals, but with such a huge swimming area you won’t need to fight for space, even on the busiest of days.

Read the full guide: NILUDHAN FALLS, BAYAWAN

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Niludhan Falls


Lubas Falls is by far the most difficult waterfall to reach in our entire list, but it’s also one of the most unique and captivating. You’ll find Lubas Falls halfway up Mount Talinis in Valencia, but the challenging part is that there’s no established trail once you veer off the main Talinis route. It’s also impossible to find without a guide, and even then most guides don’t like to venture off the Talinis trail. But, if you can overcome these hurdles, Lubas Falls is one of the most incredible waterfalls in Negros Oriental.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Lubas Falls

After a grueling 3 hour hike, slicing our way through impossibly thick jungle and hauling ourselves up the near vertical mountainside, we reached Lubas Falls. It is the very definition of untamed adventure, but the prize at the end makes it all worthwhile. Jagged, moss-covered rocks encapsulate the water, with the overflow falling further into the river below. With orange rocks peeking through the moss – a telltale feature of so many waterfalls in Negros Oriental – Lubas Falls was a sight to behold.

Read the full guide: LUBAS FALLS, VALENCIA

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Lubas Falls


Talostos Falls in Sta. Catalina is an epic waterfall in a remote part of town. If you’ve got a dirt bike, you’ll be alright (maybe… it’s pretty sketchy), but your best bet for reaching these falls are your own two legs. We were incredibly lucky to meet Gaga along the way, who shuttled us one by one on his motorbike, but if it wasn’t for him we’d have ended up walking. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, Talostos Falls is still popular enough to warrant caretakers and bamboo picnic areas.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Talostos Falls

The water was incredibly murky when we visited due to nonstop rain the day before, but that didn’t stop us from jumping in and enjoying the falls. A bamboo raft is there to help you get from the shore to the falls, and you can climb atop the rocks and cliff jump or just enjoy the scenery. The area around the falls is beautiful too and makes for the perfect camping ground if you want to spend a night there with mates.

Read the full guide: TALOSTOS FALLS, STA. CATALINA

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Talostos Falls


She may not be the biggest of the waterfalls in Negros Oriental (not even close), but the Hot Spring Waterfall in Dauin is one of our favourite hang out spots. The province of Negros Oriental is quite volcanic, so there are a number of hot springs around, this one just happens to be a cascading spring. It hasn’t been commercialised yet, and the only people who know about it are locals, friends of locals, and now anyone who’s read our blog.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Hot Spring Falls

The hike to the Hot Spring Falls is pretty cruisey and only takes around 20-30 minutes through the jungle. There’s a well-established trail and a few local houses to ask for help along the way if you need it. The water isn’t burn yourself hot but it’s definitely warm enough to get cosy on a rainy day. You can stand under the falls like a shower or relax in one of a few shallow pools, like a natural jacuzzi.

Read the full guide: HOT SPRING FALLS, DAUIN

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Hot Spring Falls


The Banica River that runs through Valencia is home to more than a few of the waterfalls in Negros Oriental, and Tottyn Falls is one of them. Often overlooked for nearby falls like Casaroro Falls, Tottyn Falls is more of a local playground. The trailhead to Tottyn Falls is on the same road that leads to Casaroro Falls, but the trek is far less developed; instead of cement steps there are dirt filled rice sacks.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Tottyn Falls

The path downriver is one of our favourites, with makeshift bamboo bridges and arrows painted on rocks to show the way. Tottyn Falls itself isn’t that big, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in pure fun. Tire swings, bamboo ladders and cliff jumping aplenty make this the ultimate jungle gym, literally.

Read the full guide: TOTTYN FALLS, VALENCIA

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Tottyn Falls


Calunggad Falls in Pamplona is a triple whammy, three falls for the price of one. If you’re up for one hell of a hike off the beaten track, then this is one of the waterfalls in Negros Oriental you can’t miss. This is another “local” waterfall that was recently put on the map during the pandemic. We blindly followed our friend through the countryside and down into a valley for ages before we eventually found Calunggad Falls.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Calunggad Falls

The first waterfall is a large single stream tucked away in a narrow canyon. We spent an hour or so here, cliff jumping and swimming before we made our way to the next falls. The second waterfall was less impressive and is mostly where local families have picnics, so we skipped it and went straight to the third. This last waterfall had a huge pool area complete with a bamboo raft, more cliff jumping and we even climbed the rocks behind the falls. What we love is that all three waterfalls are so different despite being just a few metres apart.

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23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Calunggad Falls


Ask any local from Dumaguete for recommendations on where to visit and they’ll tell you Pulangbato Falls. Whilst it is a beautiful waterfall, we’re gonna come right out and say it’s not our favourite waterfall in Negros Oriental. Actually, it’s our least favourite. But, it still deserves a mention especially if you don’t have much time to spend in Dumaguete.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Pulangbato Falls

The reason it doesn’t sit highly on our list is because of the resort that has practically been built on the waterfall. Why must people ruin a good thing? We don’t even like picnic benches, let alone hanging bridges, swimming pools and accommodation. If we’re just talking about the waterfall though, it is very pretty, and is a good spot for families or less adventurous types.


23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Pulangbato Falls


We love a good spontaneous waterfall adventure, and that’s what Bin Bin Falls was. We took some friends to Niludhan Falls and heard about another, more secret waterfall just down the road. After asking a few locals, we finally found a total stranger outside the hospital who was willing to show us the way for a quick buck. We’re not saying you should approach strangers at hospitals, but in the absence of a real guide, what can ya do?

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Bin Bin Falls

The hike took around 30 minutes through sugarcane fields and upriver, but it wasn’t overly challenging. The reason Bin Bin Falls has remained quite secret is because of Niludhan Falls less than a kilometre away. Here you’ll only find locals. Bin Bin Falls isn’t as tall as Niludhan, but it was more adventurous with several caves and cliff jumping spots.

Read the full guide: BIN BIN FALLS, BAYAWAN

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Bin Bin Falls


Naparil Falls in Amlan is what we like to call one of our bonus waterfalls in Negros Oriental. We stumbled across this beauty on our way to Cantalina Falls, but more about that later. After a very easy hike of less than 10 minutes or so, we came out on top of Naparil Falls.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Naparil Falls

The thing about our visit to Naparil Falls is that we didn’t actually get to swim. It seemed the only way down was to jump, but we have a rule – no cliff diving unless the locals do it first, and there were no locals to ask. Not just that, we had no idea how to get back up again! Later on we found out there is a path to the bottom, but we never had the chance to go back.

Read the full guide: NAPARIL FALLS, AMLAN

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Naparil Falls


No, you didn’t read that wrong. This waterfall really is called Original Casaroro Falls, which makes the regular Casaroro Falls entirely unoriginal in its moniker. The Original Casaroro Falls (sometimes called Old Casaroro Falls) was supposed to be given the name Casaroro Falls, but the guy tasked with naming them had one too many Tanduays and got his waterfalls mixed up. Or something like that.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Original Casaroro Falls

The Original Casaroro Falls sits further down the Banica River in Valencia, between Casaroro Falls and Tottyn Falls. It isn’t as tall as the name stealing Casaroro Falls, but it’s just as cool. Aside from a very impressive 75ft waterfall, there’s also a pretty big cave at the base of the water if you’re game to go inside.


23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Original Casaroro Falls


Cantilan Falls in Amlan gives us major Garden of Eden vibes with its lush tropical forest and rushing waterfall. This was another one of our hikes with Marlon (pretty much every hike in Amlan was with him as our guide) so we were in for an adventure. We hiked upriver for almost 2 hours, with Zowie even screaming at some point “where is the waterfall?!” but that just made reaching it all the more rewarding.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Cantilan Falls

Cantilan Falls is so far off the beaten track we felt like we were halfway to Bacolod by the time we got there. The waterfall was powerful the day we visited, and was icy cold, but after trudging upriver for two hours it was just what we needed. We swam, had lunch and hung out for a few hours before heading home on a different path that took no more than 30 minutes. Ahh, Marlon and his adventures.

Read the full guide: CANTILAN FALLS, AMLAN

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Cantilan Falls


Our visit to Mantabios Falls in Sta. Catalina was a case of right place, wrong time. It’s a beautiful 4 level waterfall that’s normally a sparkling blue colour, but the day we decided to go it resembled chocolate milk. If you want to see Mantabios Falls in all her glory, do not go after heavy rainfall. But, we didn’t let this deter us from having a good time.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Mantabios Falls

The hike to Mantabios Falls is only around 10 minutes, and you’re immediately greeted by the first waterfall. It goes up 3 more levels with countless spots for cliff jumping which the boys took advantage of. The path going up the waterfalls is well-established and easy to follow. We can only imagine how beautiful this place is on a clear day.


Cliff jumping at Mantabios Falls


We have a love/hate relationship with Palaypay Falls. The first time we visited we had the place all to ourselves and quickly considered Palaypay Falls to be one of the best waterfalls in Negros Oriental. We loved it. The second time we visited was on a weekend some months later and it was packed with – no joke – at least 60 people. What we thought was a secret paradise had become an amusement park (we should’ve known by the picnic huts). Our best piece of advice is to go on a weekday and you’ll hopefully be given the chance to love it like we did.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Palaypay Falls

Regardless of the amount of people, the beauty of Palaypay Falls is plain to see. It has this incredible blue water that was unlike anywhere else we’d seen (photos don’t do it justice), and that famous Negros Oriental red/orange rock. It goes up several levels and the most daring can jump from cliffs on either side. Not to mention there’s a mum and son doggy duo that accompany you from the parking area and keep an eye on your things.

Read the full guide: PALAYPAY FALLS, PAMPLONA

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Palaypay Falls


Now this is what we’re talking about! This right here is what makes visiting Pulangbato Falls worth it. Not for what is has, but for what it leads to. Most people never make it past the first waterfall, hell, we didn’t until our friend Kieth told us about Upper Pulangbato Falls and we went back to see for ourselves. We hiked up and around Pulangbato Falls with people looking at us like “Um, where are you going? The waterfall is down there?”, through the jungle and upriver until we reached this little beauty.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Upper Pulangbato Falls

With no real name, we’ve just dubbed it Upper Pulangbato Falls, but you can call it Fleeney Falls (we’re trying to get that to stick). It’s even more red than the famous Pulangbato Falls, with incredible stair-like rock formations and a beautiful swimming area. If you go back downriver there’s another big swimming hole and a red rock canyon.


23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Upper Pulangbato Falls


Lourdes Falls in Bayawan is the second most popular waterfall in the area, after Niludhan Falls. It’s an enormous cascade with rough and rugged surroundings, but despite its outward appearance, Lourdes Falls is fairly easy to get to. It only took around 15 minutes to reach Lourdes Falls from where we parked our car, but we do recommend wearing hiking sandals as it’s quite steep.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Lourdes Falls

We swear, every time we visit Bayawan it’s raining, or it’s recently rained and the water is brown and murky. We promise it doesn’t always look like this, we just have terrible timing. You can swim under the falls or in the river further down, or climb up and onto the falls. We have a feeling this place gets crowded on weekends with locals, so it’s best to visit on a weekday. A sunny weekday.

Read the full guide: LOURDES FALLS, BAYAWAN

Lourdes Falls, Bayawan


This is another one for adventure lovers, not for the faint of heart. The adventure started well before the hike, with a terrifying motorbike ride up the mountain to the jump off point. From there the hike to Luparan Falls seemed never ending as we crossed two mountain ridges through shoulder height grass and down to the river below. From the river it was still another hour to the falls which involved rappelling and bouldering. You guessed it, it was another Marlon led expedition.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Luparan Falls

The grueling hike made reaching Luparan Falls all the more sweet. One thing that really stuck out for us was that it’s one of the only waterfalls in Negros Oriental that had not a single sign of human life. There’s usually always at least one chip packet or coke bottle left behind by some id10t, but Luparan Falls was completely raw. It was also completely freezing but we needed that to freshen up after the hike and prepare us for an equally difficult ascent.

Read the full guide: LUPARAN FALLS, TANJAY

Luparan Falls, Tanjay


Not to be confused with Cantilan Falls, Cantalina Falls is another beauty of a waterfall in Amlan, but far more popular with the local teens. This is the waterfall we were headed to when we stumbled upon Naparil Falls, but funnily enough it was also an accident coming here. We thought we were headed to Pasalan Falls because of a very deceptive sign on a rock, but instead ended up at Cantalina Falls. Moral of the story? It would’ve been great if we had an awesome guide to 23 epic waterfalls in Negros Oriental. *Cough cough*

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Cantalina Falls

Cantalina Falls is a small but beautiful milky blue waterfall with several deep swimming holes. There’s also a lot of fun to be had in the river above the falls, with swinging vines and boulders to explore. What took a bit of shine off the beauty of Cantalina Falls was the amount of trash left behind by picnickers and party goers. In fact, we went to swim in an area further downriver but were told not to go in barefoot as there was glass at the bottom. A disappointing end to an otherwise good day, but we have let the local government know so hopefully something can be done about it.

Read the full guide: CANTALINA FALLS, AMLAN

Cantalina Falls, Amlan


Cabuag Falls in Bayawan is an absolute beast and is easily one of the tallest waterfalls in Negros Oriental. Despite its grandeur, it’s not very well known by anyone outside of Bayawan or the Negros Oriental hiking community. We were told about this insane waterfall by our friend and Bayawan local, Klydie, who showed us the way. The hike was around an hour through farmland and fields, but be super careful when you reach the river because we almost got swept away by flash flooding.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Cabuag Falls

The stream wasn’t all that strong when we visited, and we don’t imagine it gets much stronger since it had recently rained – told ya, it always rains when we go to Bayawan! It was more like an unbelievably tall, natural shower.

Read the full guide: CABUAG FALLS, BAYAWAN

Cabuag Falls, Bayawan


This lush, green landscape is Naibid Falls, another insanely beautiful (and remote) waterfall in Amlan that we visited with Marlon. Also known as Naibid Cascades, each waterfall flows into the next, going down the mountainside. Just driving to the trailhead was a mission, the hike even more so. It involved a lot of ropes and pulleys, sheer grit and determination.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Naibid Falls

Once we reached Naibid Falls we dug into lunch, all of us starving from the hike. From there, we made our way down the cascades as far as we safely could. We weren’t able to reach the bottom, in fact we got nowhere near, but we swam in and enjoyed at least two or three pools. Another Marlon adventure to add to the books.

Read the full guide: NAIBID FALLS, AMLAN

Naibid Falls, Amlan


Kan-Untol Falls is another one of our bonus waterfalls in Negros Oriental. We stopped by this beauty on our way to Pasalan Falls, having had no idea it was even there until we rounded a corner and there it was! Kan-Untol Falls is well worth visiting in its own right, and could definitely be a main attraction if not for the monstrous Pasalan Falls further upriver.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Kan-Untol Falls

Whilst we didn’t stop here for very long, we did notice there’s a big enough basin to swim in and freshen up before continuing the journey upriver to Pasalan. As far as bonus waterfalls go, it’s a damn good one.

Read the full guide: KAN-UNTOL FALLS, AMLAN

Kan-Untol Falls, Amlan


Bugsok Falls gets an honorary mention on our list, because it’s the only waterfall we unsuccessfully reached. After driving for hours and hiking cluelessly through sugarcane fields, we were quickly losing daylight hours. We were so close we could see the falls, but there was no way we were getting there and back before sunset, and it seemed too sketchy to attempt in the dark. So, we did the only thing we could do and pulled out the drone.

23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental - Bugsok Falls

The drone was able to do what we couldn’t – get within metres of Bugsok Falls. Three separate streams plummeted into the near-perfect circle of a swimming area, but funnily enough this beautiful fall wasn’t what captivated us. It was the damn tree. Our oasis, as we call it. There was just something about the setting sun illuminating a lone tree on an island, surrounded by kids playing. What we wouldn’t give to have been down there ourselves.

Read the full guide: BUGSOK FALLS, MABINAY

Bugsok Falls, Mabinay

And that’s a wrap! 10 months, 23 waterfalls (and a pesky pandemic) later, and we’ve done it. The most comprehensive waterfall guide we’ve seen for Negros Oriental, our home away from home… We hope this guide is as helpful to you as it would have been to us, and we can’t wait to see your adventures. Leave a comment, post pictures, tag us and enjoy the beauty of this earth. Just take your trash home with you. PLEASE.



23 Epic Waterfalls in Negros Oriental Philippines Travel Guide


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