Eba Cave Siargao

Siargao is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new is discovered and put on the tourism map. This latest discovery is Eba Cave Siargao, just up the road from Tayangban Cave Pool, a major destination. We were actually on our way to Tayangban when we saw the sign for Eba Cave a couple hundred metres before. We’d already done Tayangban Cave Pool a couple times, so figured why not try something new. It ended up being a nice little surprise!

Treehouse Lookout Siargao


Like we mentioned before, Eba Cave Siargao is right next to Tayangban Cave Pool, literally just a couple hundred metres up the road. With its close proximity to Tayangban, we can’t believe it wasn’t discovered sooner. It’s not on Google Maps yet, but if you head towards Tayangban, you’ll see signage and flags for Eba Cave Siargao. We put a rough location pin on the map below, give or take a few metres.



You’ll need to pay a $2 USD entrance fee which will get you a guide and all the gear. You will get wet at Eba Cave Siargao, so be prepared for that. We left all our camera gear, phones, clothes, etc. at the entrance and trusted the guys there to look after it, but just a heads up there are no lockers to securely store your stuff. The only thing we brought with us into the cave was our GoPro, which if you don’t already have one for your travels, we highly recommend you get.

Eba Cave Siargao

If you’ve been to Tayangban Cave Pool, expect a similar caving experience at Eba Cave Siargao. It’s around 30 minutes of walking on floating bamboo paths and swimming in the deep pools, all done in the dark with your guide’s flashlight leading the way. The cave ceiling is made of stalactites, bats, interesting formations and even a fossilised crocodile mouth. Your guide will point all these out with his light.

Eba Cave Siargao

Since Eba Cave Siargao is still pretty new, it’s not as busy yet as the more established Tayangban Cave Pool. This is likely to change as popularity picks up, but for us in February 2020, we didn’t have to share the place with many other people. If you go and have a wildly different experience, please let us know in the comments!

Eba Cave Siargao
Eba Cave Siargao


Don’t call it quits just yet! Eba Cave Siargao also has a treehouse lookout up the hill, overlooking the surrounding coconut trees and the river down below.

Treehouse Lookout Siargao

It’s a short climb to the top, around 5 – 10 minutes, but you’ll dry off in no time under the sweltering sun. The view at the top is stunning, and the treehouse is a cute little addition that’s perfect for those Siargao vacation Instagram snaps!

Treehouse Lookout Siargao

Eba Cave Siargao might be the new kid on the block, but we think it’s gearing up to be one of the next major destinations in Siargao. If you do end up visiting we’d love to hear about your experience, so drop a comment or tag us on socials, and keep scrolling to plan the rest of your Siargao trip.


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Eba Cave Siargao Philippines Travel Guide


There’s no shortage of places to stay in Siargao, from the fanciest of 5 star resorts to some seriously sketchy hostels. General Luna is where all the action is at and where you’ll find the majority of accommodation, but no matter where you end up in Siargao, you’re bound to find somewhere to lay your head. Check out our top picks for budget, mid-scale and luxury accommodation in Siargao.

LUXURY: Nay Palad Hideaway

Nay Palad isn’t just one of the best resorts in Siargao, it’s up there as one of the best resorts in Asia. With such a coveted title comes a hefty nightly rate, but everything is included. From your exclusive luxe bungalow to dinner and drinks in the tree house, island hopping on their private speed boat to day trips around the island. Zowie is crying at the time of writing this because she wants to stay here so badly.

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Nay Palad Hideaway Siargao
Image by Nay Palad

MID-SCALE: Tropical Temple Siargao

Tropical Temple Siargao is a native style, mid-scale hotel in the heart of General Luna. Lush gardens, comfortable accommodation and an outdoor pool, Tropical Temple is a sweet place to stay if you’re looking for something a bit fancier than a hostel without breaking the bank.

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Tropical Temple Siargao
Image by Tropical Temple

BUDGET: Hiraya Surf Hostel

If you’re a solo backpacker looking for a cheap hostel near Cloud 9, Hiraya Surf Hostel is your best bet. This dormitory only hostel is all about good vibes, boasting a swimming pool, aircon dorms and hot and cold showers. There’s a few requirements to meet though – no groups larger than 3 people, must be aged between 18 – 35 and minimum 3 night stay.

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Hiraya Surf Hostel Siargao
Image by Hiraya Surf Hostel


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