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If you’re looking for an epic cafe to watch the sunset then Green Kubu Nusa Penida ticks all the boxes. It boasts one of the best sunset views in Nusa Penida, as well as its own version of the iconic “Bali gates”.

To make things easier for your Nusa Penida trip, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to Green Kubu Cafe, from pricing and location to what to expect when you’re there.

Best time to visit Green Kubu Nusa Penida

The best time to visit Green Kubu Nusa Penida is at sunset. This is typically when it gets busy, but we didn’t mind as it creates a sense of good vibes when there are a lot of people just enjoying good food, drinks and a killer view.


How to get to Green Kubu Cafe

The best way to get around Nusa Penida is by scooter – this island is just not made for cars. Most accommodations will be able to arrange a scooter rental for you, and if you hire for multiple days you can usually haggle down to around 60,000 IDR per day. If you’re not comfortable driving a scooter, a popular option is to hire a car with a private driver.

Green Kubu Nusa Penida is on the west side of the island, about 15 minutes from Toya Pakeh Harbour. You can find it easily on Google Maps, and the closer you get you’ll see plenty of signage directing you.

What to bring to Green Kubu Nusa Penida

What's in our camera bag

Green Kubu Cafe is one of the most picturesque spots on Nusa Penida, especially if you get some clear skies. If you’re interested in photography and/or videography this is the gear we can’t live without: (Click for prices)


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Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee for Green Kubu Nusa Penida, but you are expected to purchase a meal or drink to be able to enjoy the facilities and take photos there.


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Book a Nusa Penida Tour

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What to expect at Green Kubu Nusa Penida

We arrived at Green Kubu Nusa Penida during golden hour, and there were plenty of other tourists there enjoying the view. We hadn’t made a reservation, but there was still seating available. As tourism picks up, you may want to make a reservation ahead of time.

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The staff seated us by the pool, which meant we had a stunning view of Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan in the distance. Because of these two islands, you’re not actually able to see the sun dip below the horizon, but the sky still lit up.

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We stayed for dinner and enjoyed a bite to eat overlooking the pool. The food at Green Kubu Nusa Penida is delicious, particularly their Indonesian cuisine.

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The main photo attraction at Green Kubu Nusa Penida is the gate, known as Penida Gate. It overlooks the bay and on a clear day it lines up perfectly with Mount Agung in the far distance. We weren’t so lucky with the cloud coverage, but photos on their Instagram show the potential!

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Where to stay in Nusa Penida

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