LRS Moalboal

If you’re thinking of heading to Moalboal in South Cebu and you’re looking for a little more privacy than the average hotel or resort can offer, LRS Moalboal is the answer. It’s the perfect airbnb if you’re planning on spending at least a few days in town, and with your own serviced apartment, private pool and rooftop deck it really is your home away from home. Trust us, we stayed there for 2 weeks.

From the moment we pulled up outside to our last hug goodbye, we felt completely at home at LRS Moalboal. It was one of those places that became really difficult to leave, in part because of how comfortable it was but also thanks to the incredibly attentive hosts, Lady and Roland. In fact, Lady was so caring she would often turn the light on for our cat in the apartment if we came home after dark. Name a better airbnb host, we’ll wait.


LRS Moalboal is located in the backroads of Basdiot, less than 5 minutes drive from the popular Panagsama Beach. We found it was the perfect location, not too crowded like Panagsama Rd, but not so far away from the hustle and bustle to be inconvenient. If you have your own car or motorbike you’ll get to the nearby cafes and restaurants in no time, but even if you don’t have a vehicle it’s a 15 minute walk to the main strip.


The highlight of LRS Moalboal is undoubtedly the beautiful pool surrounded by a tropical garden. If you stay at LRS Moalboal you’ll only have to share the pool with a handful of other people, but we always timed it to be just us. The bottom floor is the main house where the lovely Lady and Roland live, the apartment on top is all yours, and there might be a couple checked into the Hobbit House who can use the pool (more on that later).

Pool at LRS Moalboal
Pool at LRS Moalboal

The pool has been designed in a way that takes centre stage without being unnecessarily large, and the surrounding gardens offer a peaceful retreat. The astroturf platform also makes a great place for some yoga or morning meditation. Just about everything you see was designed and made by Roland himself, so a lot of TLC has gone into LRS Moalboal.

Garden at pool at LRS Moalboal
Garden at pool at LRS Moalboal

The rest of the property is well maintained with pot plants galore and the outdoor dining area makes a great spot to enjoy a meal, any time of day.

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Entrance to LRS Moalboal
Outdoor dining at LRS Moalboal


Upstairs you’ll find the one bedroom apartment all by itself. There’s a huge deck where you can relax and soak up some sun or do some early morning exercise before it gets too hot. They have big plans to expand this area even more with a third floor jacuzzi featuring sea views, and when that happens you’ll have to fight us for a reservation. We’ll be first in line to come back.

Rooftop at LRS Moalboal

The bedroom is native style with a comfortable double bed, AC unit and ceiling fan. If you go in cooler months, you might not even need the aircon. We didn’t turn it on once while we were there, as the ceiling fan and outdoor breeze was more than enough. The bathroom is super spacious, and yes it has a hot and cold shower, but keep in mind Moalboal has a serious water shortage problem so the pressure can be low at times.

Bedroom at LRS Moalboal
Bathroom at LRS Moalboal

Our favourite thing about the apartment was having our own little kitchenette to cook simple meals when we didn’t feel like going out. The dining table also doubled as a work station which is perfect for digital nomads. If you’re lucky enough to #WFW (Work From Wherever) LRS Moalboal has great WiFi to get things done. Zowie even hosted a virtual event with a little creativity and some rearranging of pot plants.

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Like we mentioned earlier, you might have to share the pool with any guests checked into the Hobbit House. Tucked away in a corner of the garden is this adorable little LOTR inspired cabin. It sleeps a max of two and is a popular choice amongst couples who don’t need the extra space the apartment offers.

The Hobbit House

Much like Hermione’s bottomless bag (wrong movie reference, we know), the Hobbit House is surprisingly spacious inside. It even has quite a big bathroom, which, from the outside seems entirely impossible.

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Inside the Hobbit House
Inside the Hobbit House

If you’d like to book either place, you can check out LRS Moalboal Apartment on airbnb here or the Hobbit House here, or get in touch with Lady on Facebook.


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