Lusno Falls South Cebu

We’ve been to many, many waterfalls in Cebu, but Lusno Falls was one we hadn’t heard much about. That gave us all the more reason to visit, as we’re suckers for hidden gems and that’s exactly what Lusno Falls is. It’s not really “on the map”, well, it is physically on Google Maps but it’s not a typical tourist destination.

Tourists generally pass up low key spots like Lusno Falls for the well-known waterfalls like Kawasan or Aguinid, but after ticking those off our list (a few times over) we were ready to explore someplace else. We were not disappointed!


Lusno Falls is in the town of Ronda in South Cebu. We drove from Cebu City which took around 2 hours, but it’s a better idea if you come from Moalboal as it’ll only take around 30 minutes. There’s a Google Maps pin for Lusno Falls but we ended up relying on the kindness of strangers to point us in the right direction. You’ll need to take the turn off at Anajao Barangay Hall which looks nothing like a Barangay Hall and more like a basketball court and a little building. It’s easy to miss so go slow and when in doubt, ask the locals.

From the Anajao Barangay Hall turn off it’s just a short drive to Lusno Falls. It’s definitely not a well-developed road and you can only make it so far before the road becomes impassable for cars and you’re better off parking and hiking. We parked in a small grass clearing because the road was flooded up ahead, but we’re pretty sure if it’s not flooded you can go a little further to a small house.


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Lusno Falls is low key, so there’s no signage or entrance fee, but there’s always a local or two around to ask for directions. Our short hike started near this little house and wound through farmland. It’s an easy walk on mostly flat ground, literally through the fields and out the other side.

Hiking to Lusno Falls
Hiking to Lusno Falls

The best thing about hidden gems is how raw they are. No tourists, no flags, just untouched nature, animals and their owners. It was a beautiful hike through the middle of nowhere, just how we like it! After 10 minutes of pretty easy walking, we made it to Lusno Falls.

Hiking to Lusno Falls
Hiking to Lusno Falls
Hiking to Lusno Falls


The trail ended overlooking Lusno Falls, which sat in the river below. At first glimpse we thought it looked a lot like Aguinid Falls with its rounded rock formations that look almost manmade. We slipped and slid our way down to the river so we were finally at the same level as the falls. There was actually a dog at the river who expertly crossed on all the right rocks, so we followed his lead and made our way to the other side. He was an excellent guide.

Lusno Falls Cebu
Lusno Falls Cebu
Lusno Falls Cebu
Lusno Falls Cebu

We started off with the place to ourselves, but were more than happy to eventually share it with a local family who were there to freshen up and fill up their water containers. The water flow was really strong as there had been non-stop rain in Cebu, so the man was kind enough to show us the best way to scale the waterfall and sit under the stream. It made for a pretty nice massage.

Lusno Falls Cebu
Lusno Falls Cebu

Before leaving, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to fly the drone and get a better view of this jungle paradise. The forest was so vibrant and dense, and we really were in a remote area. It might not be the bluest of the Cebu waterfalls we’ve visited, but Lusno Falls was definitely well worth the trip and a must visit if you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten track.

Drone view of Lusno Falls Cebu
Drone view of Lusno Falls Cebu
Drone view of Lusno Falls Cebu

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Lusno Falls Cebu Philippines Travel Guide


Southern Cebu is where all the adventure is at, from waterfalls and whale sharks to island hopping and diving. When visiting anywhere in the south, the best place to stay is Moalboal. It has the most accommodation options, and is a fun little town with dozens of cafes, restaurants and bars. Check out our top four picks below for where to stay in Moalboal.


Right on the main strip of Panagsama Road you’ll find Chief Mau, a fun and social hostel that dubs itself the chillest place in town. Clean, modern and affordable, boasting a restaurant, bar and billiards, Chief Mau is a favourite amongst backpackers

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Chief Mau
Image by Chief Mau


Simple but with all the amenities and facilities you need – including a massive pool – Adam’s View Hotel is our top pick for those looking for a little more luxury than a backpackers. Located in the main town, Adam’s View Hotel is right next to Gaisano Mall, but still close enough to the action of Panagsama Beach to remain convenient.

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Adam's View Hotel
Image by Adam’s View Hotel


If you have deep pockets and an appreciation for the finer things in life, Turtle Bay Dive Resort is the place for you. Tucked away on a private cove in the quieter part of town, this luxury resort is perfect for couples looking for a little exclusivity.

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Turtle Bay Dive Resort
Image by Turtle Bay Dive Resort


We can personally attest to how great LRS Apartment is, having spent two weeks there. Aside from a beautiful private pool, the apartment itself is modern, well furnished and spacious enough for a couple. (And a cat!) It’s just a 5 minute drive from the hustle and bustle of the restaurants and bars along Panagsama Road, but far enough away to offer a little peace and quiet. We can’t recommend LRS Moalboal enough!

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LRS Moalboal



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