Mantabios Falls, Waterfall in Sta. Catalina

Mantabios Falls is an awesome 4 level waterfall in Sta Catalina, less than 2 hours north of Dumaguete. It’s a popular spot for locals and anyone looking to day trip from Dumaguete, and the minimal hike makes it a good spot for picnickers and families. We’re gonna preface this by saying it usually looks better than this… but we unfortunately timed our trip the day after some heavy rain so the should-be-blue water was the colour of chocolate milk.


Sta Catalina is around 1 hour and 40 minutes from Dumaguete city if you have your own mode of transport. The best way to get anywhere in the Philippines is with your own motorbike, which you can rent for $8 USD a day or if you’re not comfortable driving a bike, you can rent a car for $40.

You can also take a Ceres bus from Dumaguete city to Sta Catalina town proper for $2.60, which will take 2 and a half hours, or a public V-hire (van) for $2 which stops less frequently and will only take 2 hours. From the town, you will then need to take a habal habal (motorbike taxi) to Mantabios Falls. At the time of writing (July 2020) there’s a lot of road works between Siaton and Sta Catalina, so this route will take longer than going through the mountains of Pamplona.



There’s a small booth at the entrance to the falls where you have to pay $0.60 to access the falls. The poster next to the booth is how we realised this waterfall in Sta Catalina has potential to be bright blue, but we caught it on a bad day.

Entrance Booth
Entrance fee to the falls


The walk from the entrance booth to this waterfall in Sta Catalina is short and easy. We hardly broke a sweat and it was midday in the tropics! It was only about 10 minutes, if that, from the entrance booth to Mantabios Falls on mostly flat ground.

Walk to the falls
Walk to the falls

Our first impression was that it was beautiful and rugged, albeit brown. We can only imagine how stunning it would be on a blue day! This is just the first level of the waterfall, it goes up 3 more times from there. This first tier was made for jumping, just make sure you check for any debris if you happen to go on a muddy day. Oh, and snakes! When we got there, we were greeted by a black snake swimming across the pool. Only the brave went in the water after that. Neither Zowie or Carson were one of the brave.

Jumping into Mantabios Falls, Waterfall in Sta. Catalina

You can either climb up the rocks to get to the second, third and fourth levels, or take the easy way and walk up the steps. We climbed the rocks up and took the steps down. It doesn’t take much effort to climb the rocks, and they’re surprisingly not slippery at all. Grooves and makeshift steps have been carved into the rocks to make it easier.

Steps going to the higher levels
Steps going to the higher levels

The second level is a little smaller, but just as jumpable. One of the local guys was saying it’s about 12 ft deep at this pool. Our guys were all jumped out so they gave this tier a miss and we kept scaling the cliffs to the third level.

Level 2 of Mantabios Falls
Level 2 of Mantabios Falls

The waterfall at the third level wasn’t as strong but was a little taller. We’re not sure if you can jump from here, but if the water’s deep enough it definitely looks doable. Just make sure you check for depth before going headfirst. Our rule is we only jump if a local goes first. “If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?” Why yes mum, yes we would.

Third level of Mantabios Falls, waterfall in Sta. Catalina

The fourth level was the tallest waterfall of all, and you could see the river where it runs off from. You’ll have to go off road a little to get to the other side and see the waterfall in all its glory. All four levels are cool, but this one was our favourite since it was like a little oasis in the middle of a bright green jungle. There were even a few bats flying around. It gave off major Indiana Jones kinda vibes.

Fourth level of Mantabios Falls
Fourth level of Mantabios Falls

Each tier of Mantabios Falls is a little different, but what we loved the most was how rough and rugged it all was. A lot of locals come here, but it hasn’t lost its natural charm which was nice to see. One of the only structures was a bathroom, which blended in well with its nippa roof and bamboo walls.

Nippa hut bathroom at Mantabios Falls, waterfall in Sta. Catalina

The last bit of fun you’ll get is on the walk back to the entrance. The exit takes you on the other side of the stream so you’ll have to cross not one but two bamboo hanging bridges to get back to the road. The first bridge is right in front of the waterfalls and the second bridge is right before the exit. Very Indiana Jones-esque.

First bamboo bridge at the waterfall in Sta. Catalina
Second bamboo hanging bridge at the waterfall in Sta. Catalina

If you’re lucky, you might even get to catch a carabao (water buffalo) having his daily swim. We saw this little (big) guy cooling off under the last bridge. Don’t worry, he was downstream from the falls.

Water buffalo in the river

This waterfall in Sta Catalina was the perfect second stop on our day trip from Dumaguete. It’s an awesome and relatively low key tourist spot that you should definitely check out if you’re in town. If it had been blue like it is most of the time, it would be up there with one of our favourite falls. We just love a good tiered waterfall you can jump off.

While you’re planning your Sta Catalina trip, you should add the Monkey Sanctuary to your itinerary since it’s only around 2 minutes down the road. Check out our post for all the info you’ll need before you go.



Mantabios Waterfall Sta Catalina Philippines Travel Guide


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July 31, 2020

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