Oct 3, 2022 | Bali, Indonesia

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Sekumpul Waterfall is one of Bali’s most famed tourist destinations, taking the first place prize as the tallest waterfall on the Island of Gods. Sekumpul is one of three incredible waterfalls within a short distance of each other, deep within the jungle in the northern part of Bali. 

If Sekumpul Waterfall is on your bucket list, then keep reading for our guide to everything you need to know before you visit, including how to book a mandatory guide and how much it costs.

Best time to visit Sekumpul Waterfall

We highly recommend visiting Sekumpul Waterfall early in the morning before 10am, as this is when it starts to get busy. We were there at 8am and were the only people at the falls for at least an hour.

bali waterfalls

How to get to Sekumpul Waterfall Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall is very far north, so we recommend you spend the night before in the Munduk region or be prepared to wake up early if you’re travelling from down south. If you don’t mind a big day of driving, then you can rent a scooter in Ubud and drive 2 hours to Sekumpul.

If you’d rather have everything taken care of for you, you can book a private Sekumpul Waterfall Hiking Tour on GetYourGuide. Your dedicated guide will pick you up from your accommodation bright and early and show you all the highlights of Northern Bali, including a trek to Sekumpul Waterfall.

What to bring to Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul waterfall is a dream for photographers. If you’re interested in photography and/or videography this is the gear we can’t live without: (Click for prices)

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Entrance Fee

The only downfall of Sekumpul Waterfall is the rather extortionate entrance fees. There are three options, and no way around them. Trust us, we would’ve found a way if we could.

View Only – 20,000 IDR to see Sekumpul Waterfall from the viewpoint only

Medium Trekking – 125,000 IDR which includes a guide, local village donation and trekking to Sekumpul and Hidden falls.

Long Trekking – 200,000 IDR which includes a guide, local village donation and trekking to Sekumpul, Hidden and Fiji waterfalls.

There is no way to barter these prices – they are heavily regulated. On the bright side, you won’t get ripped off because every registered guide charges the same price.

There are many options for guides along the way to Sekumpul. The closer you get the more signs you’ll see advertising “Official Sekumpul Tours”. You can choose any for the same price.

You should also be wary of tourist trap networks. It’s not uncommon for your guide to say he’ll take you to his friend’s shop to try some traditional tea for free. The samples may be free but you’ll be forced into an awkward position when they ask you to buy full-sized products as souvenirs.


Click here to book a private tour to Sekumpul Waterfall

Book a Northern Bali tour

If you’re interested in having your Northern Bali tour all planned out for you without any inconvenience or hassle, then the best thing you can do is book online with GetYourGuide. There are a bunch of different tours to choose from, but here are some of the top-rated:

What to expect at Sekumpul Waterfalls

We started our northern Bali waterfall adventure from Alta Vista, so our drive to Sekumpul was relatively short and we arrived nice and early. The closer we got to the falls, the more “official” ticket booths we saw from entrance fees and guides.

Bali waterfall, waterfall in bali

We went to the most legitimate looking one only to realise there is no “official” booth and everyone charges the same price. We paid for the Long Trekking then hopped back on our bikes and followed our guide to the jump off point for Sekumpul Waterfall.

bali waterfalls
bali viewpoint

The hike to Sekumpul is fairly easy, with concrete and metal steps down to the bottom. On the way down we stopped by the viewpoint, which is as far as you’ll go if you only book the View Only tour.

Bali hiking
bali hikes

This was our first proper glimpse of the towering Sekumpul falls and we couldn’t wait to get down there and closer. We hiked the rest of the way to the base of Sekumpul and were blown away by the sheer force of this waterfall.

bali waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall plummets an incredible 80 metres, making it the tallest waterfall in Bali. This alone would have been spectacular enough, but we were also blessed with the most magical light rays that lasted at least half an hour.

sekumpul waterfall, bali, light rays

We had Sekumpul Falls to ourselves for at least an hour, which gave us the perfect opportunity to shoot photos and videos without distractions. We can’t stress enough how important it is to get there early.

bali waterfall

We chose not to swim at Sekumpul as there were two more nearby waterfalls that we had to shoot at and didn’t want to be wet already. In saying that the spray from Sekumpul is so powerful we got pretty drenched despite our best efforts to stay dry.

Fiji Waterfall

After a magical experience at Sekumpul, another couple finally arrived and we decided to make our way to Fiji Falls and leave Sekumpul to them. Fiji Falls is only a short hike upriver, around another 10 minutes, so we recommend booking the long trek so you can include it in your tour.

hiking to sekumpul
bali hiking, hiking in bali

As we approached Fiji Falls we realised it was a lot bigger than we initially thought. Sure, it might not be Sekumpul size, but it’s plenty big enough to be its own attraction.

Fiji Falls is actually made up of several individual streams, with the largest being the far right. Our visit to Fiji Falls was short and sweet, stopping for a few photos amongst the lush landscape before making our way back downriver to Hidden Falls.

Fiji waterfall

Hidden Waterfall

The last stop on the long trekking tour is Hidden Falls, which is back towards Sekumpul and around a corner. We were pleasantly surprised by how big Hidden Falls was as well, as you don’t expect three huge waterfalls in such close proximity. This is the best waterfall to swim at as you’ll dry off (or work up a sweat) on the hike back up. 

Hidden waterfall, hidden waterfall bali

Whilst the trekking to Sekumpul Falls is pretty expensive in comparison to the other Bali waterfalls, we still think it’s a must-visit if you’re heading to the island’s north.

Not only will you get to experience the beauty of Sekumpul, but also Fiji and Hidden Falls. In the end, what’s 20 bucks in exchange for an epic day out?

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Sekumpul Waterfall

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