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Bantayan Island is a destination best known for its picturesque beaches, but another popular tourist spot slightly left field is The Ruins Bantayan. Typically when you hear of ruins in the Philippines, you think of the remnants of 16th-century Spanish colonisation, but The Ruins of Bantayan Island are actually just the remains of a German expat’s house which was destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

More than just an old, derelict building covered in graffiti, The Ruins Bantayan is also an awesome cliff jumping spot at high tide. Many locals gather at The Ruins to get an adrenaline rush as they send themselves over the cliffside. Read on for a complete guide to The Ruins Bantayan, including how to get there and what to expect.

Best time to visit The Ruins Bantayan

The best time to visit The Ruins Bantayan is at high tide so that you can make the most out of this picturesque Bantayan Island tourist spot. We also recommend avoiding weekends and public holidays, as this is a very popular local hangout spot.

How to get to The Ruins Bantayan

Bantayan Island is small, so most people get around by scooter which you can find from rentals all over the island. Another popular mode of transport is bicycle if you don’t plan on going too far. You can usually rent a bike from your accommodation provider, or ask them if they know anyone.

The Ruins Bantayan can be easily found on Google Maps (pinned above). It’s less than a 10-minute drive or around a 30-minute walk from the centre of town.

What to bring to The Ruins Bantayan

If you’re interested in photography and/or videography this is the gear we can’t live without:

Professional camera: Sony a7iv (click for price)
Action camera: GoPro HERO10 Black (click for price)
Drone: DJI Air 2s (click for price)

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Entrance fee

This is one of the few Bantayan Island tourist spots with no entrance fee! You’re free to explore what’s left of the house and get your kicks cliff jumping without having to pay a cent. You might just want to bring some extra cash to get a snack or drink.

What to expect at The Ruins Bantayan

When we arrived at The Ruins Bantayan we were surprised by the number of people there, which we later found out were mostly local kids and teens cliff jumping. If you’re not expecting The Ruins to be a secret spot, then you won’t be disappointed. The house itself is an attraction for tourists, but the cliff is what draws in the locals.

We spent some time wandering through what’s left of the rooms of the old house, appreciating the street art on every wall. You can get really creative with your photos at The Ruins Bantayan, playing with the angles and archways of the old window frames. 

After wandering through the house, we desperately needed to cool off so we headed to the cliff jumping spot just a few metres away. Unfortunately, we’d timed our visit with low tide so it was incredibly sketchy jumping into the shallow water. Carson did it, but we can’t recommend it as he hit his back on the bottom pretty hard. However, the tide wasn’t stopping the locals from getting their thrills. 

Where to stay on Bantayan Island

Amihan Beach Cabanas

A boutique beachfront resort with stellar service and picturesque views.

Santa Fe Beach Club

Located mere metres from the port, Santa Fe Beach club has comfortable rooms and the best beach on the island.

Carl's Island Inn

An affordable and charming bed and breakfast for budget travellers.

Bantayan Island Tourist Spots Guide

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